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Nation Quests

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Nation Quests Empty Nation Quests

Post  Infinity Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:07 am

*Do all the quest from lv 1 to 10 until u get the story quest below
( 5 quest )

*The truth of the research group
( 9 quest )

*The sage tower
( 8 quest )

*The book of apocalypse: part 1
( 5 quest )

*The secret organization: part 1
( 7 quest)

*The book of apocalypse: part 2
( 5 quest )

*The secret organization part 2
( 11 quest)

*The book of apocalypse: part 3 [ Ending Scroll+ Map/Warp Port lux]
( 10 quest)

*The secret organization: part 3
( 15 quest)

*The Sword of the Guardian [U can get Fort Ruina map after completing this] u can get "sacrifice" quest from this section of story quest
NOTE : for those ppl who are doing nation quest at lv 52, u have to complete "sacrifice quest"
( 20 quest)

*The War [ Ending Scroll ]
( 7 quest)

*The Missing King [Ending Scroll ]
( 20 quest)

*Cabal Vs Cabal
( 27 quest)

*War Clouds
- the foolish war
- The life-threating Cold
- the unceasing Rain
- the wrath of the shine guardian
- the tower of sages, divide.

NOTE: All the above quests have a section highlighted in 'Blue' and all the sections of quest are linked together. Example if u do finish the "secret organisation part 3", u will then be linked to do the next section of quest "Sword of the guardians".
If u never finish the quests under the section of "Secret organisation part 3" u wont be able to do the next section quest even if yr lvl reach the required level, the quest wont showed up in yr quest list.

a total of 154 quest b4 u can reach nation quest
quite a lot right?
who ask u dun do quest from the beginning like me

How to get undeadground map

There are 2 ways to get ug map code

1st way) At lv 80 u are allowed to go to ug
if u wan to get ug map at lv 80 u MUST complete all the story quest

2nd way) at lv 85 u will receive a normal quest name "Frozen Tower of the Undead"
complete that quest and pay 50k to npc and congrats u hav got yr ug map code!!

How to get forgotten ruin map?

Firstly u must be lv 95 to be able to go to fr
if u do finish all the story quest u will be able to get fr map at lv 95, If not
you have to wait until you are lv 96
go to the normal quest section and click lv 96 quest "Will Remains as a Fossil"
complete the quest and congrats u got yrself forgotten ruin map!!

How to get Lakeside map?

when u reach lv 110 u will receive a story quest call "Yet another challenge"
talk to officer schecback (dun know how to spell ) and finish the quest
and lakeside map is yours!!!
its a story questBUT dun worry if u never do quest from lv 1, it will come out automatically when u reach that level

Here is yr long await MF and PF map code!!!

Originally Posted by WuluWulu View Post
if u wanna get mutant forest map code.here how you get it.
1st u need to be lvl 125. lols
2nd u need to go to green despair and talk to the officer.
3rd u need to go to mutant forest and kill a monster call "armap"(just 1)
4th get back to green despair and talk to the officer.
There you are. your mutant forest map code.

Tips: try to as a pro to bring u to armap. cos u will get lost

Originally Posted by WuluWulu View Post
How to get Pontus Ferrum map? here the guide below.
1st ofcos u need to get to lvl 140
2nd u need to go Fort. Ruina and talk to the guard. sry i 4get wad the name of the guard. but the quest name is Pontus Ferrum.
3rd u need to ask a pro to follow u.
4th u need to ask the pro to bring u and kill armun rutil.
5th after u kill it u know wad to do =p

ProTip. Try to on bm after u get in the 2nd portal. There is a boss near the stairs call Ma-06 Quadra. Its really very pain.

and 1 last thing Choose CAPELLA

Question and Answer

Q : Why i got the pl code and i am lv 50 but i cannot enter pl?
A : There are 2 possible reasons. 1st reason, u did not do yr rank up quest(bs up)
2nd reason, maybe is an error, if u hav done of the above, relog or reset yr connection. this may help

Q : What happen if i dun know where is 'XXXX' place who can help me?
A : Go to www.cabalwiki.com and click quest list and click the lvl of yr quest.

Q : Why procyon not capella?
A : Unless u wanna be my enemies, choose capella.

Q : How do i complete Altar of karion? can tell me the steps?
A : Heres the answer
Talk to Altar of Karion
Talk to Resurrection Statue
Talk to Fire Statue
Talk to Wind Statue
Talk to Wisdom Statue
Click the answers in this order: 3 - 1 - 3 - 5
Talk to Altar of Karion
Press one of the 5 options
Click the sentences in this order: 3 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 3
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